TAUT ONE – Large Format Printer

Many Years ago I thought about to print kayaks. The shape is not very complex considering printing. No big overhangs and so on… Just for prototyping, because the current way it is done, needs a lot of handwork. So just with the start of corona I started to build a printer.


Since my start in April 2020 i assembled three prototypes…. optimising this and that…

But the technical spec stayed the same:

  • printvolume: 1000x550x1100mm3
  • footprint 1170x770mm2(europalett)
  • 1.75mm DualHotend automated selectable for two colours or soluble material(Dualoption integrated in the latest version)
  • Duet Mainboard 6HC and Toolboards
  • CAN-Connection to printhead – to reduce cabeling
  • closed housing
  • all motion parts are metal(except the belt)
  • Wi-Fi
  • integrated webcam useful for multi day prints….(based on raspberry pi)
  • automated z-axis leveling of all z-axis
  • meshbedleveling
  • external cooling air for the printhead
  • printhead can be easily opened and removed with 4 screws and 3 connectors – for external maintenance
  • no milled parts – just lasercutting and printed
  • Corexy motion system
  • mostly internal cabeling
  • 1500W heated bed made of 10mm Aluminium with 5mm glass
  • z-axis geared 5:1(but belt driven – in my opinion ok for large format
  • width can easily reduced(removing some external parts) to standard 80x200cm roomdoors
  • Hermera Extruder – open to other products
  • Mosquito Hotend
  • Big Hotends with up to 1.8mm Nozzle size for high layer heights
  • Corexy
  • all steppers are outside the housing for better cooling
  • printhead is cooled with external air
  • target accuracy +-1mm in all directions….
  • 3000€ material costs
  • easy to build
  • mostly no cheap parts from china
  • filamentrunout sensor
  • chamber temperature sensor
  • automated cooling fans

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